Monday, December 2, 2019

Meeting up in Vienna

This morning I left home in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, and headed to Vienna where I'm meeting up with Dave who already arrived there yesterday.

He's in meetings these next few days with men from the US, Australia and South Africa! While he talks about youth ministry strategy around the world, I met up with a friend for a long lunch!

Kecia is on our JV team serving in Hungary. When we were at fall conference together in September, we made the connection that we'd both be here in Vienna on this day, so made a plan to meet up.

It's so fun that the plan worked, two and a half months later! We actually arrived at the restaurant within 2 minutes of each other, after both having driven quite a few hours to get there.

We had the most delightful time, catching up and talking about life and ministry. Oh, and we're both Vancouver, Washington girls, which is pretty fun!

Wandering back to the hotel afterwards was a little bit like being in a's so magical here in Vienna at this time of year.

I'm so glad we had a reason to come!

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