Sunday, January 12, 2020

Prayer for the Tills

Across the valley from our house, lives a missionary family in need of our prayers.

Paul and Sharon Till moved here 16 years ago to serve at BMA, the Christian high school here in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí. God has used them and the school to see many young people put their faith in Christ over these past years. Not only that but they are a vital part of our church family here, serving in many different ways.

Shortly after Christmas, Paul had an emergency appendectomy. It did not go as routinely as we would expect.

He developed serious infection and an obstruction, leading the surgeons to do a second, and then a third operation, which was done this past Friday. He has been in the highest level of intensive care following that surgery. They performed an ileostomy (which they hope will be temporary) and say he is on the most potent antibiotic that exists in the world.

Our church family spent time this morning praying for the Till family, and talking about practical ways we can serve them during this time.

Sharon was diagnosed with bronchitis just a few days ago, so is also suffering. They have one child still at home, a 13 year old boy, who is in need of prayer as well (two of their older children live in the States, and one lives here with his wife and baby daughter).

I have been on my knees in prayer for these dear friends often this past week, asking God to hear our prayers for healing for both Paul and Sharon, as well as for the needs of their 13 year old son in the midst of this difficult time.

If you know Paul and Sharon, you know they are hearty, faith-filled, sincere believers. I don't know why the suffering is so intense right now, but I ask for prayer on their behalf, that God would see them through this time of great trial.

Having walked a road something like this in our family, with health issues, I know the pressures of these kinds of things, and how relentless the testing feels. I'm praying God's supernatural protection over them to weather this storm, and come out on the other side with faith that is refined like gold.

I would never have said that their faith needed this kind of testing, but I trust them into God's hands and pray for his good, kind and sovereign will to be accomplished through it.

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