Friday, April 3, 2020

Dad's 94th Birthday

Today is a very special day in the lives of the Patty family, far and wide!

Look carefully at this photo - particularly the top middle box to see what important event is happening today!

It is Dad Patty's 94th birthday, and the whole family was on a Zoom call, from three countries, and four different states, celebrating him today!!

Because of COVID-19, and because some of us live far and wide, we decided to have a party with dad online to honor this milestone.

Joining in for the party were dad and mom's four kids, Joyce, Dave, Steve and Josh, along with their spouses. Then there were the eleven grandkids, and their spouses. And then there were even some of the great grandchildren on as well (some were sleeping since it's nighttime here in Europe)!

During the party, each one of us shared something that was meaningful to us about who dad is, what he has meant to us in our lives, or something we've learned from him.

As different ones were sharing, my eyes started welling up with tears, listening to the impact that dad has had on each of us. We all had distinct and significant things to share, which Joyce captured in a beautiful post on Facebook.

In the end, Joyce, being the eldest of the original Patty kids, prayed over dad as each one of us held out our hands in blessing over him.

By the time she finished, I think most of us were crying, sweet tears of thankfulness that he's our dad/grandpa/great-grandpa.

We love dad so much, and are deeply grateful the Lord has given him so many years on earth, years that we've been blessed by his presence in our lives.

Today for dad's birthday, our nephew, Jonathan (son of David and Joyce Schroeder) shared a video on Instagram that he did of his grandpa this past summer. I asked him if I could get a copy of it to put here on my blog, so that you all could hear dad's voice and understand a little bit of who he is and why we love him so much!


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