Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Supermoon Tuesday

Did you happen to see the Super Moon tonight?!! It's only one of two that will occur this year.

I was in our living room after dinner, playing with Charlie in the play area, when Caleb called out, "WHOA! Look at that!"

I wished I'd taken a picture of the moon, rising over our mountains outside the window because it was spectacular! But we did the next best thing.

We took Charlie out for a walk to see it!

He wanted to bring his flashlight, since it was starting to get dark, so of course that was waaayyy more interesting to him than the Super Moon!

But it was a magical walk with our little guy, who's living with us right now because his family can't get back to Albania due to COVID-19. We're making the most of it, and creating such sweet memories with him in our part of the world.

We didn't know it, but Caleb came out to the end of the driveway and hid behind a bush so he could capture us walking back.

Love this so much! And love this little boy (and his daddy, mommy and new sister too)!

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