Thursday, April 9, 2020

Softening the Restrictions

In our life under quarantine since March 16th, today was a significant day.

The building supply stores opened up again, which included their garden sections!

When I walked into the store, the lines for four cash registers were ten people deep, at least. Everyone is glad to be able to go out just a little bit!

We are still practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and unable to meet in groups of any size. Malls are still closed, as are many other stores; churches can't meet and schools are still closed too.

But the anti-coronavirus measures are beginning to make a difference here, so they're softening up their restrictions a little at a time.

They say more will open up next week, though haven't announced specifically what that will mean.

I read an article yesterday about how the world has quieted now that people have stopped commuting and traveling. You can find it HERE.

I don't want the world to continue in death and chaos, nor in the economic instability; but I do wish this slow down of the quarantine would cause us to make some changes going forward. I know I'm thinking differently already because of this quieter time of living.

May we all take away some good changes after this is all done.

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