Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Above All

We don't leave the house very often these days, due to the restrictions the Czech Republic has put into place during these COVID-19 days.

But needing some fresh air, and a change of view, I drove up to Malenovice this afternoon, JV's training center less then a five minute drive from our house.

Like all other hotels across the country, it's closed right now. But it doesn't mean spring isn't arriving here as always!

I sat on the side of the hill to enjoy the beauty of God's creation up here.

Three weeks from today, our JV Spring conference was scheduled to begin.  But because of the coronavirus we're all impacted by these days, we've had to cancel it. We'll do something online for our team, but no matter what we do, it won't be the same as being here.

We'll all miss it.

In a devotional book that Claire gave me last year, called "Face to Face" by Kenneth Boa, I read something this morning that helped my heart during these uncertain days.

"God Almighty, You are my shepherd, the Rock of Israel, who helps me and blesses me with blessings of the heavens above. Genesis 49:24-25"

While these are days like no other that we've lived through, it's so good for me to go back to my sure foundation, that GOD is my rock and shepherd, and the one who helps me, and blesses me.

Even though life is different, and there are losses and griefs during this time, as well as feelings of weariness about it all, there is one sure thing: God is the great King above all, and we are all in his safe hands.

Most certainly there will be more conferences; we won't always have to social distance; we won't always wear a mask; and this season will pass.

But God remains the same ALWAYS. I can count on HIM, for the very reason of His essence: HE IS GOD ABOVE ALL!

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