Friday, April 17, 2020

Charlie's Back!

For the past five weeks we've had our kids, and grandkids, over for the week-end during this quarantine lockdown. The Czech Republic didn't put a restriction on families being together, so we've loved having regular, and extended, time with each other. 

Today we're switching it up and having everyone come on Friday in time for dinner, and they'll leave after dinner tomorrow night, giving everyone their own Sabbath together on Sunday.

Since Caleb and Haley are cooking dinner for us all this evening, they arrived early, which gave me time with Charlie, who says every time he comes to our house, "I'm back!!"

Right away he noticed that I'd put paper on the outdoor table, so wanted to know why.

This is my answer.

All of our little boys enjoy drawing, so I thought it would be more fun to have lots of paper available so they can draw together out here. Charlie started us off well with his picture of Papa (see above!).

That made him wonder where Papa was so we went off in search of him.

It's been years since our sidewalk lights worked, so that's one of Dave's quarantine projects!

While he might have thought he'd work on the project until everyone else arrived, Charlie had another one in mind. 😂

"Papa, will you come and tell your Google story to me on the swing?"

"Sure thing, Charlie!"

It's too hard to explain what the Google story is, but suffice to say, Charlie has an incredible memory and walked Dave through each detail of it as they talked to each other using their imaginations!

Speaking of imagination...we've got a new place in our house for the little boys!

Another quarantine project has been cleaning, sorting and making space upstairs in the room that used to be Tyler's. For many years, you haven't been able to see the carpet in here (really!) as it's been a storage room. But that's changed now! I'm excited for Judah and Asher to be up here with him to enjoy the bigger play room!

And just because you can never have too many baby is sweet Jenna back down in the kitchen as her mommy and daddy are preparing dinner for this evening!

I'm so thankful for these family times that God has blessed us with!

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