Saturday, April 4, 2020

Saturday Family Time

It's just another ordinary Saturday here at our home...

...if you consider this ordinary! 😂

I was inside when I heard from the little boys that something was happening outside, so followed them to see their daddy's up in the tree!

Meanwhile inside, the precious princess, Jenna, slept, looking as adorable as always!

It was an "in and out" kind of day here, as the sun warmed our yard making it the place to be.

Especially when Caleb uncovered a long forgotten item of great interest to the little boys!

We've had this for at least 15 years, but mostly covered up in a storage room!

There's a whole new level of fun at Papa and Nonnie's house!

Although the wind started kicking up, which made it feel a bit colder, there was no way we were going back inside! It feels so good to be out in our yard, given this period of time where we're not going anywhere due to the Coronavirus.

While hats and coats came out for the little Patty boys, the big ones happily showed the little guys their moves on the mini trampoline!

What son wouldn't be impressed to see their dad doing such moves?!

Yes, they were all properly impressed...with their dads, and with the addition of this fun apparatus in the yard!

The fun in the yard continued, back to the side where the hammock had been hang up.

"Charlie, you wanna come up and be with me??"

These boys already have adventure-loving hearts so of course the answer was a resounding, "YES!"

Every boy loved a turn in the hammock with their daddy!

What a gift to have such a beautiful Saturday, our family day to be together during this crisis when we're all "social distancing", except for with family.

These boys' tanks were filled up, spending much of the day outside playing!

While inside, Jenna kept us entertained with her dear little smiles!

Eventually the cold wind forced everyone inside, which is still a happy place to be!

When all of this is over, I know we'll look back on these family times as one of the greatest gifts that came during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's hard to hear the devastating news each day for so many around the world. But we give thanks to the Lord for his loving protection thus far of our family, and pray for God's mercy on this world as we all endure these difficult times.


  1. You know what would be epic is using the trampoline to bounce up into the hammock...hmmm Caleb, I'll bet you can't do that!

  2. There's just WAY TOO MUCH CUTENESS in all of these pictures!!!!! LOVE!