Thursday, April 2, 2020

Repaying a Debt

In the midst of this crazy Coronavirus season, something came to us that made our day. 

Neither Dave nor I have ANY idea who it's from! But what an incredible letter to receive.

We don't remember letting someone use our phone, or when that incident might have happened. But the fact that this cassette tape was included, tells us it was probably from a long time ago!

We were already living in the Czech Republic when this cassette tape was made (©1994), but have no recollection of it. We DO still have a cassette player in our house so I'll have to try it sometime and see if the music brings back any memories!

This person included money for having used our phone, which I'm guessing was a long distance call to the States from Czech, at some point in time.

When I read the letter it made me wonder what might have brought about the conviction to repay this debt. Perhaps Romans 13:8 spoke to her, "Let no debt remain outstanding except the continuing debt to love on another." Or maybe it was because of something else.

But whatever the story is (and I hope we find out someday!), I want to say, "You are forgiven!"

This is a huge testimony to me, that someone would act on a conviction after this many years. The Spirit was undoubtedly at work, and this is a beautiful response to His prompting, to make right on something even after so many years!

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