Friday, April 10, 2020

Jesus is the Antidote

Today is Good Friday; and it's a Good Friday like no other we've ever experienced.

Our Frydlant church family met on Zoom for this year's Good Friday service.

Our Sunday services have been FB live event for the past three weeks under quarantine; but you can't interact on that platform so church leadership chose for a more intimate setting for this particular service.

How GOOD it was to see people and hear their voices for the first time in weeks!

Our friend Danca, led worship from her living room, while we all muted our computers so that we could worship with her.

If any of you know Dave's and my story, you know we met through a singing team in Germany. While we always sing next to each other at church, we rarely sing at home, just the two of us. It was super special today!

As was Danca's choice of songs.

Hillsong might do an awesome live version that you can hear HERE, but there was never sweeter worship than just Dave and I singing at our kitchen table this evening!

After worship finished, Dave began to preach the Good Friday message to our church family.

I was blown away by his message! It was very poignant, as he referred to the times were in, and how the story of Good Friday, and what Jesus did for us in the crucifixion, is related to the Coronavirus.

As he led our church in Communion, remembering the unbelievable sacrifice of Jesus, I thought, "More people need to hear this message."

So after we met in small groups for prayer and then finished our service, I asked Dave if he would record the same message, in the same place, in English. I'm so glad he felt prompted to do it and said yes to my request!

It's 20 minutes well spent on this holy day, when we remember Jesus' descent to the grave for our sins, becoming the greatest antidote of all time.

Good Friday 2020 from Connie Patty on Vimeo.

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