Thursday, April 16, 2020

Planned Ahead

Knowing that my soul needed refreshment in the midst of this crazy quarantine season, I took today as a "day with God", and just let Him lead me through each hour of the day.

I went to bed last night, praying that as soon as I awoke, the Lord would lead me into what He already had prepared for me as I asked Him for that. And...what an amazing planner He is, and what good gifts He had along the way for me today!

A friend of mine's daughter wrote a book called, "Almost Holy Mama", written for those who are parenting little ones. Though I'm not in that season, I've been wanting to read it anyway. Today it caught my eye mostly because of the subtitle: Life-Giving Spiritual Practices for Weary Parents.

Feeling a bit weary of five weeks in lockdown quarantine, I asked the Lord if this book was his plan for me today, and He said yes. And oh how life giving it was, to read it in my backyard on a sunny day, gleaning from her wisdom as I ate chips and drank Coke!

There is so much I could say about this book and how refreshing it was, but I'll just say this:

If you're a weary parent, read it. If you're weary from life, read it. If you just want a peek into someone else's life for a few hours, read it! Courtney is hilarious, genuine, and loves Jesus. Her words, suggestions, insights and funny quips were just what I needed today!

Oh, and just because I was laughing out loud anyway as I read, this made me laugh even more! Did you know we have A squirrel who lives at our house and thinks HE owns it?! He actually came even closer to me in this picture, but I didn't get my phone out in time to capture just how close he was!

By late afternoon I felt so refreshed, with new energy and joy to move ahead into whatever these coming days, weeks and months hold.

This evening, just because, Dave and I took a little drive to admire the sunset. It was the perfect way to end a day planned by my Father!

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