Sunday, April 12, 2020

Lockdown Haircut

At the end of our fourth week of lockdown quarantine here in the Czech Republic, there is one problem that needs to be solved for Dave.

Getting a haircut.

Lucky for him, we have two barbers in the family! Both Tyler and Caleb learned how to cut hair in college, and have given each other cuts numerous times over the years.

Today, for the first time though, Tyler cut his dad's hair!

It's a brave dad AND son who will embark on such an endeavor. But you know, desperate times call for desperate measures. 😉

We made it a family event tonight, for those of us still here after celebrating Easter together!

Tyler was careful, precise and focused as he proceeded forward with Dave's haircut.

And immensely enjoyed doing it for him!

The end result? A good looking haircut, on a good looking man!

I'm not sure Dave will ever return to his regular barber after this!

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