Saturday, April 11, 2020

Meeting Atlas

One of the losses due to COVID-19 is our JV spring conference. It would normally take place at the beginning of May, but we've had to cancel it due to the coronavirus. There are so many sweet parts about that conference that we'll all miss, one of which is honoring new babies who have been born since last May.

One of the JV families who has had a new baby this year is also leaving (we're so sad about that!) to return to the States after five years of serving with us, so will be missing out on two different parts of being honored at conference - the hello to baby, and the goodbye to the family.

So, doing our best to social distance, we had them over to our house today for both a welcoming of their baby and a time of saying goodbye.

Cory and Anissa Simon moved here in April 2015, to serve in our EXIT Tour ministry. Cory led a band called "Divine Attraction", and performed countless concerts during the tours across Czech these past five years, sharing the Gospel with thousands and thousands of students.

When they arrived they were just a couple, but have since added a daughter, and a new son in February.

Atlas Theo was born in Ostrava on February 5, so is just a little over two months old today as we celebrated him for being one of our new JV kids.

Through the years I've had the joy of buying baby gifts for all new babies that are brought forward at JV Spring conference. Usually I'm buying them in late April, but this year, of all years, I bought them last September! I'm so glad I did, so that I had Atlas' present ready for him!

While we chatted, our three grandsons and their daughter, Era, had so much fun playing together.

No social distancing here! 😉

Era and our two grandsons, Judah and Asher, have lived life together as they go to the same church in Ostrava, and their parents have been great friends with Cory and Anissa. But because of the Simon's home assignment to the States over Christmas, their new baby, and then the virus, they haven't seen each other since December. So it was a happy gathering of kids today!

And it was the first time that Atlas and Jenna met!

Anissa and Haley were at several appointments at the hospital for pre-natal check-ups before these two were born! They are only 22 days apart from each other.

It was so fun to meet Atlas and get a glimpse of his sweet and happy personality!

We are sure going to miss this dear family, who have become like family to us during their years here.

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