Monday, April 27, 2020

JVK Zoom Party

Since quarantine began across Europe in mid-March, Claire has been doing something special for the JV Kids every Monday afternoon.

She gathers the JVK, and staff who are at JV kid's camp in the summer, on a Zoom call and they have what she calls a "JVK Party"! She's done all sorts of different activities for them these past weeks, to  encourage and perk them up during these weeks where they're at home with just their families.

She invited Dave and I as guests today, to each share a fun JVK story!

I went first, telling about how our family moved into Malenovice, a place the JVK are all familiar with. But not many know that our family lived there for three years!

I told the story of how we had a party in the elevator on an April Fool's Day one time, surprising all the Czech interns during one of their week-long intensives! I also shared about how our family would go into the restaurant for Friday night homemade pizzas! This is what we looked like during that time!

Dave told the Zoom party a story about he and I going to JV Kid's camp in the summer of 2012.

His story was about how HOT it was that summer, the fun he had trying to teach the JVK how to waterski behind our boat, about zooming them around on a big tube and making them fly off, and about how we dressed up for Wild and Wacky Night!

It was such a fun connection with today's JVK, and so great to see their faces in their homes across the Central and Eastern European countries where they and their families serve!

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