Saturday, April 25, 2020

The Patty Orchard

Every week-end that our family has spent together during this time of quarantine, has had something about it that "marked" it.

Today, it was tree planting!

I can't remember who had the idea, but someone in the family thought it would be great to plant a tree with each of the little boys to mark this time we've spent together. So today, trees were bought, and holes were dug!

And even though it felt more like a fall day, everyone came outside for the "festivities"!

First tree in: Judah's cherry tree!

While he'll hopefully remember the fun of planting it with Papa, what he'll probably remember more is the fun of jumping in the holes! 😂

Maybe all three of them will remember when they fit into one hole!

Next up was preparation for Charlie and Asher's trees.

Charlie got a piece of the action helping daddy out with the digging!

And into the ground went his plum tree!

Asher was up next with his matching plum tree!

We debated whether or not to plant a tree for Jenna, but decided she would probably rather do it when she's more aware of what's going on!

So Claire got to plant an apple tree as "her" tree!

This was a dream fulfilled for her as she's always wanted an apple tree in our yard!

It was such a special time, making a memory that's going to last, and result in true fruit, for years to come!

We envision planting more trees in the little "orchard" as more little ones come our way!

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  1. You are going to need some bees to pollinate those trees!