Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Cute Barista

When our son, Caleb, and his family, arrived from Albania in December to spend Christmas first in Bratislava with Haley's family, and then with us a few days later, we had no idea what was ahead of us all in the months to come.

They thought they would be here until just shortly after their daughter was born. But COVID-19 changed everything, and so, they are still here! For us, that's been an incredibly rich gift, getting to live everyday life with them for the first time in their six years of marriage.

We've gotten into a sweet rhythm of life with them here in our home, including morning coffee making for me with Charlie.

This morning I thought to have Caleb take photos of our morning coffee making, because it's been one of the sweet memories of this time!

Charlie's daddy makes coffee every morning too, but does it in an aero press. We have a different kind of machine for our coffee, and I taught Charlie how to push all the buttons to help me make mine!

After he'd turn on the espresso machine, then I'd let him pick out a Polish pottery mug for me; it was different every day!

He'd gently take it off the shelf and put it down under the spout for me. There was never a broken cup as he was very careful, and serious about his job!

The joy on his face when the coffee would start coming out was irresistible! Every day he'd say with so much enthusiasm, "It's coffee beans!"

I never corrected him. 😂

Once that was finished we'd go over to the hot water kettle and he'd turn it on; I always make an Americano, which requires hot water.

We'd talk while we waited for the water to heat up, and he never failed to bring a smile to my face!

I've also gotten good at doing everything with one arm again; I remember that skill from when my kids were little, as I'm sure you do if you've had children!

Once my cup was ready, we'd sit down at our kitchen island and talk some more while I'd drink, as he'd chatter away telling me about whatever came to his mind!

I've never had such a cute barista assist me in getting my daily cup of coffee! And I'll always remember my morning coffee making time with this dear grandson of ours!

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