Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Living in Paradox

We had a couple of bike riders show up at our house this afternoon!

Every Wednesday, since they moved down to Frydlant, Caleb has been coming over to take a walk with Dave to talk about life and ministry as they look forward to returning to Albania.

Today, he rode his bike over with Charlie, they walked with Dave (even though the skies were threatening rain), and then they headed off for home.

But that wasn't the end of seeing them today! They'd invited us to come for dinner at the apartment they're staying in until they can go home.

Even though we left our house just shortly after they did, they beat us down here!

This apartment belongs to one of our JV missionaries who is away right now. They'll be able to stay here until the borders open and they can go back home to Albania.

Haley prepared a delicious meal for us, and Charlie kept us entertained while she was finishing it!

He's enjoying their new space, but also missing Albania. He hasn't been there since December 23rd, and yet there is never a day when he doesn't mention that he misses it - his home and their friends.

It's so beautiful that God has put a love in his heart for Albania at such an early age!

Jenna is her sweet self!

She's two months old now, as of Monday the 27th! I'm still soaking in all the precious moments with her as we watch her grow up close.

It was a strange, but wonderful feeling, getting in the car to go home (all four minutes of the drive) after our evening with them. We never expected to "do life" with them when they came with JV to serve in Albania, and yet God's kept them here so that we can for now!

As we were leaving them this evening, Dave said, "We sure love having you close to us!" And then followed it up with, "And we will happily send you back to Albania when God opens that door."

So there's the paradox we are living in right now. We are SO glad they're here! And yet, will be happy to send them back to their home and calling when the time is right.

There is both joy and sorrow mixed into that paradox. We love them being here; and we love them doing what God's called them to do.

It reminds me that the Father understands this paradox; for sure it was hard to send Jesus to earth and not have him nearby (though of course they could always communicate, as can we!). There's something about the day to day life that is extra special. And there's something even more special about doing God's will.

For now, this is God's will and we're thankful! We will enjoy it for as long as we have it, and enjoy God's will for them when they leave to go home.

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  1. I love your post about getting to see your kids and grandkids in this season while soaking up all the goodness of this time spent close. But on another note---I REALLY love your hair up in a bun!!! :o)