Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Worship Set

With our grandkids playing upstairs, cooking going on in the kitchen, and a Zoom meeting happening in the other room, an extraordinary moment happened at our house this afternoon. 

Our church here in Frydlant, like many other churches these days, is doing online services each Sunday. The first week it took place in the building where we normally meet with a few people there to do the service; but then more restrictive measures were mandated so online church went into our homes, from the homes of those doing the service for the past two weeks.

This means a moderator leads from their home, someone preaches at their home, and someone leads worship from theirs. Oh and people pray and give greetings from their homes too! It's quite a community effort, and honestly, very meaningful.

After last week's service I had the thought that perhaps, since one of our sons is living with us right now due to the virus, and the other one is coming over every few days for family connection, perhaps we could record together a worship set to be used for our we used to do when the boys were in high school here in Frydlant.

It's been eight years since we've led worship together...but it took just a few minutes to practice and we were in the groove with each other (especially since Tyler and Caleb have led worship together over the years so still sync up quickly with each other). So we turned on the camera and did two worship sets.

And it was the sweetest of sweet moments for me, as their mom, to follow their lead and worship the Lord as we all played.

I didn't know Claire had come in to take pictures (the ones above) so after we finished I asked her to come in and take a few so I'd remember this sweet moment.

Tyler and Caleb had seen her take those first photos, but I hadn't. So I started laughing and couldn't stop when they were posing as if we were some kind of mariachi band!

It was then I found out that the real photos had already been taken!

But those photos are good memories too, and I'm just so glad for such a meaningful moment this afternoon with these two precious men who love the Lord, and know how to have fun worshipping Him!

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  1. Oh, I want to hear! I played the hymn that you and Dave recorded for me upon leaving Jerusalem a few times today: "He giveth more grace when the burdens grow greater." So meaningful. You have a gift with worship. I have loved our on-line church services, too.