Saturday, October 24, 2015

Dave's Parents

I already wrote a post about my Saturday morning, but wanted to post one more today as well.

These past few days being with Dave's mom and dad in Englewood, CO were just wonderful!

Dave got to relive some of his boyhood memories by harvesting vegetables still coming out of his dad's garden in late October.

Aren't those beautiful vegetables??!!

And do you see the little white pieces of paper in the baskets? Those are there because they put his vegetables out on the sidewalk to sell to anyone coming by! (the little note on the left says, "50 cents, or whatever you think it's worth"!)

I couldn't believe I captured an old car driving by just as I snapped that photo of the wagon! It's almost as if we went back in time to years ago when this was a common occurrence.

Well, it IS a common occurrence at the Patty residence, and has been for many years!

SO thankful we had a couple of days to be with Dave's mom and dad, enjoying their vegetables, but even more, the fellowship and time together!

"We sure do love you Mom and Dad!"

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