Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Farmer and the Missionary

I missed getting a photo picking up Dave at the Portland airport today after he flew in from Alabama, of all places.

What a funny moment, to drive up to an airport in a city where I don't live and have him there waiting on the curb! At least it's an airport I'm familiar with since I spent my junior high and high school years in the Portland/Vancouver area.

We immediately headed out of congested Portland and into the peaceful setting of rural Oregon, just in time to see a little bit of the sunset.

And reconnect with these dear little ones!

Well, we were also reconnecting with their parents, who we've known for many years, but since I didn't get a picture of them (remember, I'm having a hard time remembering to take photos this week!), I put these cuties in to tuck away their sweet faces.

After a wonderful dinner, time of sharing about JV, and a rousing game of Bible charades and tag between the little boys and I (SO impressed by how many stories they know at 3 and 4 years of age!), we headed over to the little kids' grandparents' house to catch up and spend the night.

Very dear friends of the Patty family long before I came onto the Patty scene (Dave's grandpa farmed with their grandpa many years ago!), we dearly love these people. It's Dave's dream to write a book with Jerry someday, and call it "The Farmer and the Missionary". He picks up so many good life and spiritual principles when we're there with them!

And the sweet blanket in the picture? Shhhh!! Don't tell, but it's a baby present for a certain little man who is due to arrive on the scene of our lives quite soon. "Thank you Kris!!! It's so perfect for our Pooh-loving son and HIS son!"

Time went by all too quickly as we said goodnight at 11 and have to be up at 6 in order to head for the airport. But so thankful for a few hours of sharing life together!

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