Monday, October 26, 2015

Missionary Friends from Ecuador

In the middle of our marathon day on campus at Wheaton College, we had another meeting with some very special people!

Meet Oscar and Lori Aguirre, missionaries with Pan de Vida in Quito Equador, and their two precious boys!

Dave and I have known Lori for over twenty five years as she was one of our youth group kids from Malachi Ministry days on the military base in Heidelberg, Germany. It's been at least 23 years since we last saw her!

Lori met her husband a number of years ago while in Ecuador doing (I hope I get this right Lori!) an international residency from Duke University for her nurse practitioner license. They fell in love, got married, started Pan de Vida, had kids and...the rest of history!

We've tried many times throughout the years to coordinate our times in the States, but it's never worked out until now! We only had a few hours together, but they were very precious.

See the blanket I'm holding? It is an absolutely gorgeous alpaca blanket, handmade in Ecuador. I'm so happy to have one to remember to pray for this dear family and the work God has called them to.

"Lori and Oscar, thank you for driving out to the suburbs to see us today! We're so proud of you and the work you're doing among the needy in your country, and pray God's richest blessing over you as you share about it during these weeks in the States."

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