Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Meet Me at The Wort

After a spectacular drive from Cody through Yellowstone yesterday, cell phone service finally came back on once we reached Jackson.

Awaiting me was a phone message to call someone. I did, and we arranged to meet at the Wort that evening.

What is the Wort? As you see on the plaque in the photo, it's a hotel, located on the main street in Jackson.

It's where the saying, "Meet me at the Wort" was coined over fifty years ago!

And who did I meet at the Wort in Jackson, Wyoming? Some people I'd never met before.

Meet new friends, Sandra and Larry!

This summer while Claire worked at Gull Lake Ministries in Michigan, she met and became friends with their daughter, Sarah, who is from Jackson, Wyoming.

On Sunday when Claire realized I'd be in Jackson for a few days, she wrote to Sarah (who goes to school in Michigan, while Claire is in Chicago!) and a plan was hatched to get us parents together the very next day.

Sarah is in pink, Claire is on the left!

And how glad we are that they did!

What a delightful time, finding out we had so many things in common - similar experiences, places we've traveled, love for the Lord, and we've even lived in the same state (Oregon) at one time. We laughed to think of how many times we actually may have crossed paths without knowing it.

We shared our stories, lives and faith for a few hours and I left with new friends to visit next time we're in Jackson.

I love God's family and how you can meet someone for the first time and feel a kindredness!

"Thanks for introducing us to each other, Claire and Sarah! And thanks for making time for me Sandra and Larry. Hope you're having a good time visiting Sarah in Michigan this week-end!"

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