Sunday, October 25, 2015

Boundless Riches

What an incredibly rich slice of life we've experienced these past weeks while in the States.

Between the two of us we've preached, taught, shared, counseled, prayed, greeted, hugged, eaten with and been blessed by countless people as we've shared our lives, the Lord and news of what God's doing through Josiah Venture.

This Sunday was no exception.

Dave had the privilege of opening God's Word at Faith Evangelical Free Church in Fort Collins, CO, one of our beloved church families who have stood with us in ministry for over thirty years!

Want to hear Dave's message on a very interesting passage in Galatians? Go HERE to find it.

Going to Faith feels a bit like "going home" since I've been coming back here for over thirty years, ever since the very first summer I served with Malachi Singers back in 1984. Dave was a student at CSU in the early 80's and this church body embraced him back then, and still embraces us today.

My dear friend, Charlene, who's been to Czech twice on a short term mission's trips, and even helped to make the curtains that still hang in my house there today!

While there are many old faces that we love and cherish, there are always new ones that we meet when we're there.

This mother and daughter came up after the service to share with me that the daughter is Czech (adopted at birth) which was so special to hear. But we had an even more meaningful that the mom didn't know about, but at the mention of her mother's name, I did.

Many years ago her mother, in her 70's at the time, visited us in Czech and did some early education testing with our two boys, aged 5 and 3 at the time.

She gave us truly profound insight into those little boys that could only have been inspired by the Lord as they were really too young for her educational testing. But her wisdom caused us to make shifts in our parenting for the rest of their school years, and I believe they are different men today because of her words to us years ago.

Her mom is in heaven now, but you can imagine how much those words meant to her daughter! And who knew we would meet up today, at a church they don't usually even attend! Oh how rich that connection was.

More richness...sharing lunch with Brad and Thea Jensen, the pastor at Faith and long time friends. And bonus richness? Having Dave's mom and dad there, as well as Brad's delightful mom!

Oh, and a fun little ride through Fort Collins in a convertible with Thea! Don't you love the Colorado pick-up in the background?!

After a wonderful lunch with those dear ones, we rushed back to our friends' house where we'd spent the night, grabbed our things and headed for the Denver airport to catch a flight to Chicago.

But not before getting a picture with my long-time beloved friend, Linda, who always cares for us so well when we're in town! "Bless you Linda and Mike for your love, kindness and generosity to us!"

These delightful times with people we love are all part of the grace of God and his boundless riches in Christ! We are rich indeed!

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