Saturday, October 17, 2015

Train Travel

When we lived in Wheaton 24 years ago, I remember taking the train to and from Chicago. Up until then, I'd only been on a few trains in my life.

If someone had told me at the time that train travel in Europe would become a normal and regular event in my life, I would never have believed them!

But today train travel is my favorite mode of transportation. There is something so comforting and relaxing about sitting in a train as it speeds across the landscape, taking you to your destination.

Yet on this day, it wasn't me who took the train.

Instead it was Claire, coming out to Wheaton from downtown Chicago where she goes to college!

It felt so normal picking her up at the train station, even if it was here in Wheaton where neither of us lives.

But we're thankful for each and every moment we get to spend with her, and any of our kids, during this time in the States.

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