Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Countdown Begins

My travels around the States with Dave for the past weeks have finally come to an end. Leaving Orlando this morning, I headed to Chicago to begin the countdown toward the birth of our first grandson.

As if the airline knew that the days ahead are important, they put Dave and I in first class today - row 1!

I can only remember one other time I got bumped up like this. I forgot that you get real glasses when you're in first class!

And coffee before the flight even begins!

We left sunny and warm Florida ...

...and landed in rainy, bleak Chicago at noon today. What a contrast in weather!

While I'm going to unpack my bags for a bit here in Chicago, I had to say goodbye to Dave soon after we arrived from Orlando as he heads to England to speak at a pastor's conference this coming week.

I'll miss him! What wonderful days we've shared together this month.

But the joy is I get to spend nearly two weeks here expectantly awaiting the birth of our dear grandson, Judah.

Some very kind friends of Tyler and Lara have graciously given us their home to stay in during these next weeks. Through pouring rain, I drove there from the airport this afternoon.

And happily met up with the mom and dad to be!

Lara's mom, and one of her sisters, are here now too, and as soon as it looks like Judah's on the way, her dad and sister will come from Tennessee to join us. My mom and dad fly in on Wednesday this week to join the party, and we're all hoping that he'll make his appearance soon so we can meet him!

Though great with child, the darling expectant parents lovingly made dinner for us moms and sister tonight here at the house where we're staying.

Lara's sister can only be here until Tuesday so she had "words" with her nephew tonight about making an appearance sooner rather than later! We're all rooting for him to come soon.

As Tyler and Lara left for home tonight (just minutes away from where we're all staying), I took a quick photo "just in case". You never know when it might be the last one before a baby comes and changes the look of this little family!

I'm so grateful to the Lord for the gift of being able to be here with them during these significant days of their lives. While we're all anxious to meet this precious little man, it's also nice to have some family days together and just soak up the joy of life right now.

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  1. Oh! I can feel the excitement!!!!! Praying for all of you!!!! (Especially Lara and Judah!)