Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wheaton Grad School

After a number of meetings in the morning and afternoon while still out in the Wheaton area, we met up with Tyler before our last engagement of the day.

Dave, a firstborn son, with Tyler, his firstborn son, who is expecting Judah, HIS firstborn son any day now! How proud he is of his son who is about to be a dad!

Notice any difference from yesterday's blog post? A downgraded version of the hurricane from Mexico blew into Chicago last night sending rain and strong wind, completely changing the landscape from yesterday's beautiful fall colors!

After saying goodbye to Tyler, we made our way to the BGC - the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College.

This is the place where Dave did his master's work in the graduate school two decades ago! And it was during that year he made a very good friend who studied in the same educational ministries program as him.

Dave Sveen has played a very significant role in the development of Josiah Venture as it was he and his partners who took on Josiah Venture as their first client at Cedarstone Partners, an organization who handles back-office needs for the non-profit community, both in the States and internationally. We are so incredibly grateful to them for truly seeing us as partners and friends, not just clients. They keep the work of Josiah Venture happening for us on this side of the ocean!

Not only is Dave Sveen involved in Cedarstone, but he also happens to be a professor at Wheaton College Grad School.

And tonight he gave Dave an hour and a half to teach his class!

Oh was Dave ever in his element as he taught on leadership principles he's learned over the years!

If you've ever met, talked with or been with Dave, you know that leadership is the air he breathes! So you can imagine what fun it was for him to teach tonight.

As I said yesterday, Wheaton College was a pivotal, transformational time in our lives, and we are so grateful for their vision to prepare students to make a difference for Christ wherever they go in the world.

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