Tuesday, October 6, 2015

One Month to Go

One month from today, a certain little somebody is due to enter the world. Our Tyler and Lara are expecting Judah Andrew Patty on November 5th, 2015!

Claire took maternity photos for Tyler and Lara last week, posting them on her blog HERE. They, meaning Tyler and Lara, as well as Claire's photos, are absolutely beautiful!

Oh how thrilled we are at God's blessing coming in the tiny form of their first child, a son, our grandson!

Dave and I leave for Krakow in just a few hours where we'll spend the night and get up early to catch our flight to the States. We get to see all our kids tomorrow and celebrate Claire's 21st birthday on Thursday! That makes this mama VERY happy.

We're then traveling for much of October, but will be in and out of Chicago during the month, and then back there near the end in anticipation of Judah's birth. Dave has a conference in England that he leaves for on October 31st, so he may, or may not, get to meet this little fella right away - though the doctor does say he may arrive early. But I'll be there until November 12th, expecting him to surely have arrived by then!

It's awesome and positively mind boggling to think that when I sit down here at my desk five weeks from now when I'm back home, I will have met my first grandchild. I can hardly wait!!!!!