Thursday, October 22, 2015

Boyhood Home

We didn't get up at 5 AM like our farmer friends, but we were still up before the sun made an appearance this morning! We watched the sun rise as we drove to the Portland airport to catch an early flight.

But before we did, my dearest Michelle, long time best friend, met us at the airport for breakfast!

Michelle would want you to know that it was her idea first that Dave and I marry...long before either of us had gotten the "download"! :) Responsible for many important parts of my life, she's a significant person in my life and it was a joy to connect for even just an hour before we boarded our plane.

Soon we were in the air, again, and headed to yet another destination in this whirlwind travel month.

Anyone recognize that airport? Or this house??

A very special boy spent his childhood here.

Yes, this is Dave's mom and dad's home in Englewood, Colorado!

Oh what joy to sit at this familiar table with these dear ones, hearing dad pray before the meal and eating an amazing meal made by mom, a woman with the true spiritual gift of hospitality. How many people have sat at this table over the past 40+ years and experienced what we did tonight?!

So glad for some family time with them these next few days.

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