Friday, October 16, 2015

Today in Wheaton

If you've ever been to Wheaton, Illinois you may recognize this iconic red brick beauty.

Formerly the DuPage County courthouse, built in the late 1800's, it is an impressive sight.

But it sits next to a building that is much dearer to our hearts than this cool historical building.

This is the place where our Josiah Venture USA headquarter office is located. Inside those walls are people who work on the US side of the ocean to make it possible for those overseas to do what God's called them to. We have such a fantastic team who serve here, and are so thankful for their servant hearts!

And through that door today, some very important business was at hand.

This is also the place where our board members come from around the US for meetings twice a year. Even more than just meetings, they come to pray and seek God for His movement within our organization and missionary's lives, and throughout the work in Central and Eastern Europe.

Oh how we value and appreciate these godly men. They take their role on the board very seriously and are hard at work on behalf of the organization to ensure that it runs well, stays on course, is above reproach, and focuses on the Great Commission.

It's a treasure to have men like this praying for us and seeking God on our behalf.

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