Friday, October 23, 2015

Denver Family and Friends

Not only is the Denver area home to Dave's parents, but to some other special people as well.

This afternoon my niece, Kerith and her husband, Jake, and two precious girls, came for lunch at mom and dad's! I hadn't yet had the privilege of meeting their newest daughter, who also happens to be my birthday twin. Well, sort of!

Precious Harper was due this year on my birthday, August 17th, and did in fact arrive on that day...European time! But in reality here in the States, she was born in the afternoon on August 16th. But I still claim her as my birthday twin!

Their other little sweetie, Rilyn, is a delightful, smart, darling, sweet two year old. Wish I lived near her so she'd know her great aunt Connie better. We took some selfies so she'd have them on her mom's phone to remember me by!

Another very special friend lives in the Denver area as well, and she came to whisk me away for a few hours after my niece and her family left.

Meet Jerri, my maid of honor nearly twenty nine years ago!

We served together in Malachi Singers the first summer I went to Germany in 1984. And we've been close friends ever since. What a gift to just sit in a tea shop and talk for three hours straight!

In the evening my nephew, Jonathan, came over to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner...and to see his aunt Connie!

A senior at the high school Dave graduated from in Englewood, he is the son of Dave's sister and our brother-in-law. They live just a few blocks from Dave's parents, but both happened to be out of town while we're here. We're sad to have missed them this time.

But my aunt/friend tank is all filled up after a day of seeing many of my loved ones!

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