Thursday, October 8, 2015

Claire's Chicago Birthday

Our precious daughter celebrated a significant birthday today. Know which one?!

In the Lord's kindness, this trip to the States coincided with Claire's 21st birthday!

After arriving into the States on Wednesday night, and staying with Caleb and Haley, we met up with her at Moody Bible Institute this morning. Do you know how sweet it was to hug my girl ON her birthday??!! The Lord is so kind to this mama.

Not only did we get to see her at Moody, but Caleb beautifully led worship in chapel this morning. A double blessing on this day.

After Claire finished a class, we began part two of her birthday celebration and headed over to a spot in Chicago that she'd heard about.

The University of Chicago campus!

Who knew that this school, which sits on the south side of Chicago, would look as if it is plopped right into a European setting? I can't believe in all our years of living in, and traveling to, Chicago that we'd never been there.

But we didn't start with touring the campus. We headed to a delightful coffee shop nearby called "Plein Air".

Claire had theology questions on her mind and wanted to sit and talk them through with her dad. I happily listened in.

Then it was off to see this magnificent campus.

And, as our family always does, take photos to remember the day!

As 5 PM rolled around, we knew it was time head back across the city so that we'd be in the right spot at the right time for part three to her birthday.

Celebrating with Caleb, Haley, Tyler and Lara!

After a delicious meal we had picked up at Middle Eastern restaurant we all love, Claire enjoyed gluten free red velvet cupcakes from Haley, and the opening of gifts from everyone.

What an incredible ending to a very special birthday!

All together for the first time since last February, we soaked in time with our kids while celebrating Claire. How we love them (and that little one growing inside Lara!).

Claire, we are so very thankful for God's gift to us in the form of YOU! For twenty one years you've delighted us, and brought such joy and brightness into our lives. We love who you are and who you are becoming!! Happy Birthday one more time!


  1. What a sweet time! I'm so happy for you that you got to celebrate with Claire and be with ALL of your kids together!

  2. How nice that you got to be with your daughter on her birthday! It was a fun surprise to scroll down and see the University of Chicago pictures. I went to college there but haven't been back to visit the campus in five years. It's a bit of a hidden gem. I grew up in Wheaton (we went to Grace Church of Dupage) but never heard of it or visited until I was applying to colleges. Whenever someone in Illinois asked where I was going to school and I said "the University of Chicago" they always looked puzzled and said "oh, you mean the University of Illinois at Chicago?" It's so funny that almost nobody I knew in Illinois had heard of it when it's a top 10 university in the US with a huge international reputation. I miss that lovely campus!

  3. My Dearest Connie, great to here from you!!! Enjoy time with your family and all those special unforgetable moments!!!! Much Love I.