Sunday, October 18, 2015

Family Treasure

When we first sent Tyler to college six years ago, and the dynamics of our family changed with only two, and then just one child left living at home with us in Czech, I wondered what life would be like in the coming years.

Then Claire left two years ago and we became empty nesters, which brought momentary sadness and grief for the way of life we'd once shared.

But oh how the Lord nurtured my heart through that heartache! And brought me something so much richer: travel with Dave, precious daughter-in-laws, unexpected family afternoons when in the US, and the joy of a new family member due to arrive any time now!

Only in the letting go of what "was" could I receive what "is", if that makes sense. Letting go of the past is what allows me to receive the goodness of the present, and future.

I wouldn't trade these days for anything as I watch my kids flourish and grow in the settings where God has them. And I'm delighted that our lives still intersect, even if it's just for an afternoon!

"Love you all so much: Caleb, Haley, Lara, *soon-to-be-Judah*, Tyler, Claire and Dave!!"


  1. Beautiful picture! Beautiful post.... Oh, how amazing Mom they have... how much you gave to each of your kids... enjoy those moments with them... Even just for one afternoon, but in your heart will stay forever as beautifull memories... BTW you look absolutely pretty at those pictures!!! Love Ingrid

    1. Thank you dear Ingrid! You're always so generous and loving in your comments! Sending you a big hug!!!