Thursday, March 10, 2016

Last Jerusalem Moments

Oh it's hard for special events to come to an end.

We finished our time in Israel with beautiful worship on the roof of the hotel we stayed in, singing our hearts out with the group of JV single missionaries that we spent a week with. Nothing could have been sweeter.

Not anxious to say our goodbyes, we headed into new Jerusalem for one last time with each other.

At our favorite ice cream place on Ben Yehuda street!

Four years ago, when Dave and I were here with Caleb and Claire, we discovered this place. We've been dreaming about coming back ever since. It's seriously that good. I'm glad we could bring our friends here to try it out!

Conversations, laughter, hugs, goodbyes...lingering later than we should have! Four hours of sleep had to do before it was time to catch the bus to the airport so we could fly home.

One last glimpse at Jaffa Gate...a rare moment with no one around! Of course it WAS 4 in the morning!

Our hearts truly are full to the brim with all that Jesus did with and for us this week. It was more than we could've asked for or imagined. Which is saying a lot because I knew it would be special! I just didn't know HOW special.

What joy to have spent the week alongside some of our JV family, on location in the place where Jesus lived, died, and was raised to life...and to heaven! Oh how thankful I am for HIM!

I won't soon forget all that we learned and experienced here. And already look forward to seeing it again one day.

As they say, "Next year in Jerusalem!"

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