Sunday, March 6, 2016

Daily Highlights

That time my computer froze and I couldn't keep up with blog posts?

Yes, that would be in Israel on the study tour with our JV singles! And wouldn't you know, yesterday I took all of two photos on my phone. The rest were with the camera. 

While there were three highlights of the day (well, maybe even four!), I'll only highlight two very briefly - from my phone, with my phone. At least I can blog from here! 

Our day began at En Gedi, the sight of two biblical accounts: David and Jehosaphat. While it's too long to explain it all, Dave's biblical takeaway brought me to tears:

"All the promises of God are "Yes" in Christ!"

After that it was on to Masada, and then to the Dead Sea. Just for fun!!

These are such meaningful days, whether it's learning precious truth, encountering Jesus, or just having fun with this amazing group of people: my heart is so full from all of it! 

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  1. En Gedi was one of my favorite places, besides the Old City. We had just come from Masada and hiked up into the coolness. It was easy to see how David could hide with his men in there. So glad you are all there.