Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Good Night from Israel

Unexpectedly, at least to me since I hadn't checked the weather, we woke up to snow this morning.

Nice way to start our trip to Israel!

It wasn't just snowing on our eastern side of the country, but all the way over in Prague as well, where we rode the train to on our way to the airport to catch our flight.

After meeting up with some of our JV singles whose flight had been delayed, we headed to our gate for a different flight.

Dave's taking advantage of the time for additional study in preparation for his teaching this week!

I remember when I first started traveling to Europe 32 years ago, adding countries to my list of "been there" places was very exciting. And it still is, though it doesn't happen as often anymore.

Our first stop today? Istanbul! Yes, even though I'll only be in the airport, I still count Turkey as a new country that I've now been to! :)

As we made our descent I watched a beautiful sunset, and felt pretty happy about the fact that we won't be in the land of chilly weather for a week!

Our flight didn't arrive in Tel Aviv until a bit before midnight, but it was so delightful stepping out onto the tarmac and feeling the warmth in the air.

Not sure what happened to the picture...the sign says "Welcome to Israel"!

Loved seeing the cultural change as we made our way through the airport.

Then it was on to picking up our rental car to drive into Tel Aviv for the night!

Yes, I'm a little bit crazy staying up to blog when it's nearly 2 AM! But if I don't, it won't feel the same to do it tomorrow. And who knows if I'll even have a chance to do it until tomorrow night? And that's a whole other full day from now with who knows what kinds of adventures!

Signing off for the night here in Israel!

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  1. I LOVE that I get to travel vicariously on the journey with you. This blog post was incredible as I didn't know it was going to be about landing in Israel so it was fun to see you leaving the snow while then landing in Israel. I'm excited with you and for you this week!!!