Friday, March 18, 2016

Judah and His Parents

It's hard to restrain myself and not blog about this little guy all the time.

Photo credit to Claire who took his 4 month old pictures!

Being a grandparent has sure brought on a special dose of love, joy and delight over our little grandson, Judah!

Son to Tyler and Lara, he's four months old now, living in the suburbs of Chicago, and pretty much the cutest little guy ever...haha!

Full of charm, cuteness, strength, smarts and coos, he's won the hearts of our family, that's for sure.

Even Caleb got to drop in for a quick visit to say hi to his nephew recently (Caleb and Haley are living in Colorado, but he was in Chicago briefly so got to stop by).

But the real reason for this post about Judah is actually to share some very special news about him and his parents.

In Tyler's words, from this recent blog post:

"In February, we began discussions with Josiah Venture and KAM (the Czech national ministry) about moving to the Czech Republic! As my studies come to an end, we are eagerly looking forward to the next step to becoming missionaries."

Tyler and Lara believe God is calling them to move here to the Czech Republic as JV missionaries!!

That brings such incredible joy to my heart, on so many levels:
  • Tyler and Lara love the Lord and want to serve him in full time ministry
  • They want to be bearers of the good news of Jesus Christ, using their gifts and talents
  • The Czech Republic is on their heart
  • They're bringing Judah with them! :) 
Follow along on their family's journey of faith at "We are Patty's Too" as they pursue what God has in store for them.

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