Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Must Sees

Dave and I each had our special things that we wanted to make sure to do with his parents and cousin while they were visiting us on the island of Hvar in Croatia.

This morning, despite cloudy skies and windy weather, I got to take them to one of my "must sees".

Unless it's a complete downpour, I always like to come to the square in the town of Hvar and sit at a particular outdoor cafe.

And because I like to have coffee and pastry while I sit there, that's what we did together!

I must admit, it was almost too cold and windy to enjoy it, but we managed!

While Dave ran some errands, we enjoyed the ambiance and atmosphere of Hvar town, joining the locals for coffee and hot chocolate at the Pjaca cafe.

And if you sit there long enough, you just might see some clearing of the skies!

Ah, that looks more like the Hvar town we know and love!

Of all the pictures I took of Dave and his parents while they visited, this is probably my favorite! Don't his mom and dad look fantastic?! Would you ever guess that dad is about to celebrate his 90th birthday? They are so full of life, soaking in all the travels and activities that we wanted to do with them.

We loved having Carol, Dave's cousin, with us too. She is so much fun to be with, and my fellow picture taking buddy!

Wherever Carol goes she likes to take a moment to sit down on a bench and appreciate the view, while also remembering to quietly thank and appreciate the time and effort of the person who placed the bench there. I love that idea!

After a nice walk around town, enjoying the sights and sunshine, we ducked into our favorite restaurant in Hvar town, "Mizarola". Don't miss the lasagna if you're ever there!

The last "must see" in town was the view up above the harbor at the Hvar castle. You wouldn't want to miss seeing that would you?!

With the day coming to a close, there was just one more place to take them to.

The campground and beach that started us coming to Hvar eight years ago. We discovered this place when we came for vacation, having no idea that it would become such a dear place to us. I'm so glad we got to share it with mom, dad and Carol!

"Thank you dad, mom and Carol for coming to spend these days with us! Your enjoyment of a place that is so dear to our hearts meant the world to us. Please come back sometime!!"

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  1. What incredibly sweet pictures! How I love your in-laws and am amazed by them! SO amazing and fun that you got to share this place--with them at almost 90. Incredible!