Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Humac on Hvar

What to do about your blog when you're having such a sweet time but no time to blog??

"Back blog", as I call it!

I've got a number of posts inside my head and heart, wanting to capture things we experienced this past week while Dave's dad, mom and cousin, Carol were with us here on the island of Hvar, seeing this place that we've come to love. While this is posting on the day it happened, I'm actually writing days later. We were honestly having too much fun for me to stop and blog while they were with us!

One rainy morning we took them up to Humac, a shepherd's village of stone houses located on the ridge of the island.

Founded in the 17th century, this pastoral village with no permanent inhabitants, is an amazing example of well-preserved rural architecture on the island. It was one of Dave's dad's highlights of the trip!

Not only rock walls, but a rock roof!

Some of the buildings are being restored, which includes tile roofing in places where the wood rafters have rotted. I love this picture of mom and dad Patty walking amongst the houses.

And this one just makes me grin!

Six years ago our three families who used to vacation together, found this restaurant, "Konoba Humac", which is open only in the summer. We enjoyed an amazing meal cooked over open coals in the inner part of this building. Wished it was open this day!

All those years ago, we talked about what a magical environment it was up here, and how it would make a perfect setting for an intimate destination wedding...for one of our girls! :) I'd forgotten that there is even a church there.

"Any takers girls?"!

Not a soul in sight the entire time we were there, it was pure delight to enjoy our time in the village of Humac.

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