Sunday, March 20, 2016

Travels with Family

On a misty Sunday morning, the first day of spring, we headed up to Malenovice with Dave's mom and dad and Carol after church, taking in the view from the top of the hotel.

And then taking in the food, prepared so lovingly by our staff there!

Mom and dad have been here before, but Carol hasn't, so we wanted her to see what God has done here. It's fun to tell the stories over and over of God's provision and faithfulness.

After lunch and a tour, mom and Carol took a quick look at Polish pottery that the hotel now sells, finding a few "must have" pieces!

Ever the man the faith, Dave points down the hill to the spot where we hope to build an event center for Malenovice that will hold 500-600 people someday. Oh how we continue to PRAY for God's provision for this. Aside from the tent (which can only be used in good weather), our largest meeting room only holds 160 now (180, if you really squeeze!).

From there we drove the four minute drive home, only to pack up our things and squish into our car for a long car ride.

This is Kaylee's "HOW long will I be on your lap???"

We're headed down to our house on Hvar in Croatia, to be with them for the next four days!

Because the drive is a 12 hour one, we decided to split the trip into two parts, driving a little over half way today, and the other half in the morning. It was fun to listen to Dave and dad sharing Scripture passages and insights as we drove!

We stopped in Vienna for a quick bite to eat, and then headed on our way for another five hours. These two are troopers at travel!!

We'll stop in Karlovac, Croatia later tonight and rest our weary heads before continuing on down to Hvar tomorrow.

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  1. It's amazing and should be inspiration for czech families.... who take 90yrs old parents to the trip to coast... not common here in Czech... but I know that from Scandinavia where it's normal... even 100 olds are part of all what is going on in family, including trips and so... even 90 or even 100 old seniors enjoying life as well!!! I love the last picture, they are fantastic!!!! I am so happy they can see your paradise in Croatia... ENJOY those moments... Love Ingrid