Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why Not?

After a morning up at Humac, on the island of Hvar, we headed into Jelsa hoping to eat lunch on the plaza at one of our favorite cafes.

Little did we know what we'd find when we arrived.

Not only was it pouring rain, but it was the craziest type of rain I've ever seen!

After a lunch eaten in the car from a bakery and grocery store (thanks to Dave who braved the rain for us, finding a few tasty treats!), we finished eating and then got out to watch the strange occurrence of a brown haze floating across the harbor and over the plaza, dropping a mixture of dirt and rain onto the square.

Umbrellas in hand, we searched for somewhere to get inside to escape the storm for a bit.

With only two cafes open, we opted for the one that DIDN'T have the river of water flowing outside its door! Thankfully this one was easily accessible, so we made ourselves at home for a bit while we waited out the storm.

What you don't see are three hot chocolates and two cappuccinos! Perfect refreshment while we enjoyed time huddled inside trying to stay warm.

With rain still coming down, Dave again braved the elements and went to get the car.

Which is ANYTHING but usual here. I've never seen cars drive into the plaza just don't do that here! But without a soul in sight, and rain falling, he did it anyway. He's a nice son/husband/cousin!!

Since it looked like the rain would continue through the day, we took ourselves on what we laughingly referred to as "the bus tour", seeing the sights from our car! We discovered places we'd never seen on the island, and didn't mind braving the wind, cold and rain to even get out of the "bus" and take it in.

But the true highlight of the day occurred after I asked my favorite question: "Why not?"

Heading back to our house the long way, driving through little villages to see them from the window, we saw a sign to "Sv. Nikolas", to which I replied "Why not see where the road takes us?"

The road turned out to be one that you'd only want to be on with a four wheel drive. Good thing that's what we were driving!

And where was it going?

To the top of the highest point on the island of Hvar: Svaty Nikolas.

We've hiked up here, but never driven. I'm glad there's a way to drive there so that dad, mom and Carol could see it!

It was a bit of a hike to the top from where we left the car. Mom elected to stay in it which was smart because it was WINDY up on top!!

But oh how wonderful to stand up there and look out over the island, sharing it with our dear family!

More than a little giddy (yes, that happens to me sometimes, haha!), I couldn't contain myself from exclaiming about how spectacular it was up there...the magnificence of God breaking through!

How glad I am that I asked the question, "Why not?"

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