Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Morning Guests

I had the joy of preparing for some special visitors this morning.

Since 2003, a group of Moody Bible Institute students, along with a professor, have been coming out on their spring break to see what we do in Josiah Venture. They are all youth ministry majors, most of them juniors and seniors, who are thinking and praying about what God wants them to do after they finish their schooling.

This morning we had the joy of welcoming professor Tim Downey and seven Moody students into our home.

Dave shared with them our story and vision, as well as challenged them to be people of the Great Commission who go into all the world to share the Gospel and make disciples. They had a chance to ask questions, as well as hear from one of our national staff who stopped by to share his story as well.

Accompanying them was someone I've heard about for many years, but never met.

Bobby was on the Moody spring break trip in 2005, though I didn't meet him on that trip. After two years at Moody he was called into active duty with the National Guard and did three tours of service before returning to continue his education in 2009.

That happened to be Tyler's freshman year, and Bobby was the RA, resident assistant, on his dorm floor who befriended and mentored Tyler as he transitioned into stateside and college life that year. I remember being so thankful for him when I heard Tyler talk about this older guy who loved the Lord and was pouring into him.

Today Bobby is a pastor at Christ Community Church in St. Charles, IL, and came along on the trip to see what we're doing and look at ways to be a support to Josiah Venture. What a great surprise to spend the morning with him too!

Several who are now full time JV staff came on a spring break trip just like these students are on, and today they serve alongside us. We'll see what God has in store for this group who came today!

We're thankful for the investment Moody makes in bringing students here, not only to encourage and inspire them, but to perhaps plant the seed that they too may be called to serve here in Central and Eastern Europe.

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