Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Two Surprises and A Delight

After driving around in sunshine with my window open yesterday, I guess I missed the memo that said a change was coming. What a surprise to wake up to this today!

The delight of the day stands between Amy Ellenwood and I in our black coats. Meet another Amy!

She, her husband and two little boys (and another one who is coming VERY soon!) moved here to Czech last week while we were in Israel. They are joining the iTeam at our offices in Frydlant, to work on the communications team that serves our Josiah Venture family.

We are so blessed, delighted and thankful for God's leading that brought them to us from our JV team in Slovenia where they served for a year. They're going to be such a wonderful addition to our team here. Welcome Evans family!

And the last surprise of the day?

On my way home from visiting the Evans', I stopped beside the river in our town out of curiosity. I've been noticing a lot of activity down there, but from the road couldn't see what was going on.

Wow, I had no idea they had completely rerouted the river! It used to flow straight though there. I would love to know the reasoning behind that change.

That little surprise is probably mostly news for my kids, but something I wanted to take note of on this gray, snowy, but happy, March day!


  1. I love that you delight in these things...that's probably why I do too! It makes life so much more fun. ;)

  2. I love the puzzle that comes with moving a river...WHY?? I always go back and back to see what they are doing and dig around the news to see what's happening. I always get to the bottom of it and it's fun finding out WHY??