Saturday, March 26, 2016

Building a Pergola

I suppose this is true with any building project: it will take longer and be more complicated than you expect.

But add on to that another culture and country, and the fact that you don't live in the place where the building project is occurring. Then you really find out how complicated it is!

Such is the case with the house we've been building in Hvar.

This project started nearly eight years ago, the dream of our three families who vacationed together. We bought property and then decided to build a house to rent out, and use ourselves in the off season.

The building part of the project started nearly three years ago and is still in process.

While we hired out a lot of the work, we also did a lot of the work. We've painted, caulked, put in doors and the kitchen, scraped every inch of the tile, cleaned and done a hundred other little details.

Our latest project? Putting in a pergola over the terrace.

We had hired this out to be done months ago. But when the man didn't follow through, it was left to Mel and Dave to do it themselves since we've already got our first renters coming this summer so have to get everything finished by May.

After the guys carefully measured and sawed the beams, it was left to Amy and I to stain them all.

We laughed saying, "I hope you know we're not professionals!" But we did our best to coat every inch of the surface, twice!

Low and behold, it all turned out beautifully and the first beams went up today!

What a feeling of accomplishment, to have everything come together, as they hoped it would. So proud of these guys for doing it!

It's going to be a beautiful addition to the terrace.

Our summer renters will have no idea the amount of time, love, energy and effort that has gone into this place by a bunch of people who love this island.

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  1. I love every post from this trip it's so exciting! Time with Daves parents and cousin was AMAZING! Have a nice days with Mel and Amy!