Thursday, March 31, 2016

Prevailing Winds

By looking at this tree, can you tell which way the prevailing winds blow here?

The past two and half years I've felt a bit like that tree, buffeted by the spiritual winds of opposition in regards to the book I've been writing. I feel a little funny saying that because I don't know what its worth and value will be. But I can say that it's been a fight to get it done.

Perhaps every author feels that way. I do know now that writing a book is a laborious process, from the concept stage, all the way to publication.

And I'm still not there yet. But I'm working hard this week to finish so that it can be finally be published.

After seven hours of pushing through the 'wind' today, I thanked the Lord for his help as I edited yet another section. I'm truly serious when I say that he is the one who helped me. Oh to him be the glory for this book! I could never have written it without his help.

Needing a break and a walk in the afternoon (someone else needed the walk too!), I drove down a dirt road to get to a remote beach I've wanted to hike down to.

Since I've ever only seen this beach from the road, getting to see it closer was a thrill today.

With a towering mountain of solid rock as its backdrop, it's truly one of those magnificent sights where you can only say, "How did you do that God??!!"

I didn't go all the way down to the beach. I'm saving that as a treat for the day I finish these edits.

Getting this close to seeing it is good motivation to keep persevering! What a happy day it will be when I get to stand on that beach!

Soon I hope to be finished with my book, and standing on that beach in celebration of what God has done. While it's been a laborious process, there has also been a lot of joy in recounting the stories of his faithfulness in our lives these past 30 years of ministry.

I can't wait for you to read it and praise God with me for his amazing, awesome work in this part of the world.


  1. I pray so much for your book finishing! Enjoy those special days in Croatia! This view to the beach is like a DREAM , BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING!!! Love you i.

  2. Praying with you ALL THE WAY!!! And we're definitely going to have to hike down to that beach when I come visit!!! Loves and prayers....

  3. Glad you've have some beautiful days and places to be refreshing when you've buckled down to finish this! Can't wait to read it cover to cover!