Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Highlight of the Day

As we drove home this evening from Hvar town, after a day of being out and about with Dave's mom, dad and cousin, Dave asked us all, "What's your highlight of the day?"

"Only one??!" we asked.

How do you pick just one thing from a day full of beauty, memories and time with family?

We woke up to an unusually cloudy day, with raindrops here and there. But that didn't stop us from getting out to trek around the little village of Sveta Nedjelja.

I've been down here by the marina when it's so hot you feel like you'll melt. And I've been here when it's so cold you think you might turn into a popsicle.

Today it's somewhere in between. Windy, cloudy, rainy, but still, oh so beautiful.

We took them down past the marina, to the iconic tree that we've loved for many years. The place where, in summer, we jumped off that ledge into the ocean. The spot where we took family vacation photos. The location you never wanted to leave.

We still feel that way! There is something about this place that means so much to us.

It's so special to get to share all this with them!

While down at water's edge, the clouds parted for a few minutes, the wind died down, and we got to take off our coats and soak in a little bit of spring-like weather for a bit. That was one highlight, for sure!

I'm glad they got a little glimpse of the sunshine!

In the summer this spot is packed with people, which is fun in its own sort of way. But it was sure special to be the only ones down there this afternoon.

After many more photos and exclamations of delight, it was time to move on. Dave wanted them to see a bit of the path that hugs the coastline so off we went to enjoy a different view.

Along the way, a village dog decided we needed an escort and accompanied us for probably a half hour, showing us the sights in "his" town.

Because it had been raining when we left, Kaylee, our dog, stayed in the house, which was probably a good thing considering this guy made himself "our dog" during our walk along the coast. What a funny guy.

And for some reason, he made it into my highlights of the day!

We did some other sightseeing over in Stari Grad and Hvar town throughout the rest of the day, seeing more beautiful places and sights.

But if you made me choose just one highlight of the day, it would be showing our dear ones around Sveta Nedjelja, the village and its surroundings that we've come to love.


  1. Oh, Connie what special time you have together! I love to read about that.... it's simply amazing Dave's parents can see beauty of your beloved place! Enjoy!

  2. I just love seeing Granpa, Nana and Carol THERE, in Hvar! Glad it's beautiful in every season! :)