Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Back to Israel

After a special time with family, a building project for the Hvar house, and a happy celebration of our anniversary, Dave left from here yesterday.

Jumping on the morning seaplane from Jelsa, which took him over to the mainland, he caught a flight from Split to Israel, where we just returned from two weeks ago.

Why Israel again? Dave is part of the executive leadership team for Global Youth Initiative, a partnership of organizations around the world that are similar to Josiah Venture, all working towards and praying for a movement of God among the youth of the globe.

Once a year they meet together to pray, strategize and encourage each other in this mission. And this year, like it has been for the past few years, they are meeting in Jerusalem.

Photo from Dave this afternoon!

He'll be in meetings there until Saturday, then will fly back here on Sunday.

While he's gone, I'm staying on Hvar to complete a few projects, and work on details for the rental of the house this summer. We already have six bookings so we're trying to finish in time for our first guests.

With our sweet little dog to keep me company, I'm looking forward to some quiet days with the Lord here, as well as making progress on these projects.

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  1. Enjoy your peaceful time there, Connie! I pray that God will continue to refresh your soul!