Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve Preparations

Does anyone else love shopping on Christmas Eve morning?!

Caleb and I headed into Ostrava to do a few last errands this morning before our Christmas festivities began. I so loved one on one time with him since that doesn't happen very often these days!

After getting coffee, we wandered the mall finding a few last treasures along the way.

Everything closed at noon today - malls, restaurants, grocery stores, etc - and won't open up again until Dec 27th. It was good to get a few last groceries to see us through these coming days.

Sure was fun coming back to our house and getting to snuggle Charlie!

Within two hours, I had all three grandsons tucked in at Papa and Nonnie's house!

Tyler and Lara prepared our traditional Christmas Eve dinner, even putting out the Waechtersbach Christmas dishes I bought thirty years ago when we lived in Germany!

Our tradition of serving fajitas on Christmas Eve started twenty five years ago and has been a constant every year we've been at home for Christmas Eve.

This year our peppers came from the garden that Tyler planted here at our house this past spring! In the fall, he picked these, froze them, and had them ready to go for this Christmas Eve dinner tradition!

With everyone staying here for the next five days, bedtime was hilarious, watching the boys get their Christmas PJ's on and give rounds of hugs to everyone.

As soon as the kids were tucked in and asleep, we all gathered at the kitchen table to make our plan for these coming days.

Even Kaylee joined in on the adult family meeting! 😉

The fun thing about sitting here at the table? We finally had a reason to pull it out to its full length, turn it in a different direction than it's usually in, and all sit there together! I've dreamed of this moment for a long time and now it's here. Aw, how I thank the Lord for the privilege of having our family all here for Christmas this year.

Since this is the first time we've all been together for Christmas here at our house, we had talked earlier about what kinds of traditions we wanted to keep from the past, and make new for the future. One that we all agreed on was doing stockings for everyone.

Dave and I have never had stockings so I had to get them for us, as well as three for the little boys!

We all brought something to put in the stockings, and for the first time at our house, I wasn't the only one filling them! So fun watching everyone take part in putting little fun gifts in which will be revealed tomorrow morning.

Oh what a meaningful Christmas tomorrow will be with everyone here.

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