Monday, December 3, 2018

Rest and Refuel

Every December for the past four years, Dave and I have come down to Croatia for a two week time of study and replenishment.

We arrived into Split last night after our drive from Slovenia where Dave finished the last of his teaching for the fall.

I think it's pretty accurate to say that Dave has spent well over 100 hours teaching since the beginning of September. He's been in Sweden, at home in Czech, all across the States, in Poland, Hungary and Slovenia; and that's not to mention coaching, discipleship, mentoring, counseling, and leadership that happens in many places too.

He loves all of those things; and most of all loves doing them as unto the Lord! But in order to continue having something to give, he's got to fill his tank again. So we're here to do that these next few weeks!

Croatia in December is much different than Croatia in the summer. But we love it, even with its rain and clouds.

The Christmas market is open here in Split so before heading over to Hvar, we stopped by to warm up a little bit.

I'm finally starting to feel better after being sick for the past week and a half

And enjoy some of their famous "fritule"!

These Croatian treats, mini doughnuts, are made at Christmas and Easter. Hot out of the fryer, they are something special!

After doing some Christmas shopping in Split, we headed for the ferry.

Arriving just 10 minutes before departure, we didn't have to worry about getting a place on the ferry today! are beautiful in all sorts of weather!

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