Thursday, December 13, 2018

Hearing from Pam

I had a visit from one of my dearest friends today.

No, she didn't visit me in person. That would be quite difficult for my friend, Pam Reeve.

She's already in heaven, getting ready to celebrate her sixth Christmas in person with Jesus.

I didn't know I would see Pam only one more time after this picture was taken in 2011

I was doing a Google search (so thankful for that miracle tool that lets you find people!) of her dear friend, Joyce, pictured above, to see if she was still living. If she was (and I think she is!) I had it on my heart to send her a little Christmas package and tell her thank you for the years she and Pam prayed for, and even visited our family in Czech.

What I discovered after clicking on a link with Joyce's name in it was a shocking, but fully delightful surprise.

Someone wrote a book about Pam!!

Another very dear friend of hers, Linda Wright, published this book in March 2018. I bought it immediately on Kindle and began to read, so touched to "hear" Pam's voice again.

Little did I know...there was more of her voice to be heard!

When Dave took a break from his writing, I excitedly told him the news about the book and how much it meant to read about this woman who had such a profound impact on my life. (See HERE for my description of her years ago).

His eyes began to twinkle and he said, "Do you want to hear her speak to you again?"

I looked at him puzzled, not understanding what he meant.

"I have a recording on my phone that she made for you six months before she passed away."


During a visit with her some years ago, I recorded some things she wanted to share with me, but have since lost that recording. I did not have any memory that there was another one.

She made this one for me when Dave went to visit her in February 2013, six months before she would pass away in August. I had absolutely no memory of that recording.

As Dave played it, I sat, completely enraptured by the voice of this godly woman (she would have laughed to hear herself called a "Protestant Nun" as she's called in the title of the book!) who left me a 13 minute prophetic message, speaking into my life six years ago, as if she were talking to me right now!!

It is a little piece of heaven on earth today.

My Father KNEW the day I needed her voice! I could never have imagined it would come today...or ever!!

And yet, I heard Pam's cheerful voice, sprinkled with her bubbling laughter, speaking to me loud and clear, "God's plans won't be thwarted. He is about His work right now. As you walk closely with him your joy will be all the more found in him. And your life here is all in preparation for what's to come in heaven!"

How powerful to hear that, knowing that's the very place where she is now.

I feel like I just celebrated Christmas early! What a gift to hear from my dear friend, Pam.

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  1. CONNIE!!!! This is so absolutely insane, amazing, miraculous, timely, and incredible all wrapped into one! I am overjoyed at this whole story in every way. (And "Go Dave!" on saving the recording for you!). With all that you pour out day in and day out (much of that in ways no one but Jesus and Abba will ever know because it's through prayer behind closed doors), the Trinity knew just how to fill you up today. And my spirit and heart are sooooo happy They spoiled you today in an extraordinary way!!!! Love you....