Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Boys Tell the Story

"Hey Charlie, since our moms and dads are gone skiing and Nonnie's hanging out with us, what should we do today?" said Asher with his cute little laugh.

"I know! Let's take turns climbing on the bear she got for us! It's so soft and cuddly!"

"How about we give her lots of smiles and grins so she'll take pictures of us?" said Charlie with a chuckle.

"Oh and let's eat really good for her at lunch...and maybe ask for seconds and thirds of leftovers??"

"Hey guys," said Judah, "Let's lick our plates from the french fries she made in her new fryer - that will make her really happy!!"

"Judah!", called Charlie, "Quick! Grab Nonnie's phone and start taking pictures of her dancing while we eat lunch!!"

"Got it", said Judah. "And I got her kissing on you too!"

"Don't forget to take a picture of me making my really silly it goes...take it now!!"

"Oops. She saw you taking pictures and now she's looking all normal and everything..."

"Ha! She's at it again...hurry up and get the picture Judah!"

"YAY! You got her...good job cousin!" says Charlie.

Asher: "Let's call Papa on our make believe phone and see if they'll send a picture to us from the ski hill."

Judah: "I don't think they're having as much fun as we are at home with Nonnie making silly faces for the camera!"

Charlie: "Mommy and daddy finally got home and they're all tired from skiing and snowboarding. Hope they'll take us when we get bigger! But for now...I just want daddy to read me a book."

"Oh wait! I need to go check on mommy who's making a really yummy dinner for all of us tonight!"

Judah: "While you're in there with your mom and Aunty Claire, me and Asher are telling daddy about our day with Nonnie!"

And so went the day after Christmas...such a happy day for all!

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  1. SOOOOOOOO ADORABLE! I love your clever, creative way of capturing this day! I know you put a lot of time and energy into making your posts connect easily for all of us and you sure did it with this cute one! :o)